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  • Boys on bikes

  • Wet Dream

  • The Surf Song

  • Motorscooter

The Hot Toddies Cineversity.Tv and The Hot Toddies. Oakland's sweethearts, The Hot Toddies, mix 1950's beach pop with indie rock riffs, a bottle of whiskey and a dry sense of humor.
They've toured several times through the West Coast, in a borrowed minivan, in a giant "marshmallow" van, and more recently in their very own red van. The Hot Toddies

Ctv Comment

    From: henk   date: 2011-02-23
  very good, you make interesting music. i like. i am high on paddo\'s righ now....... trippy shit bladiablalalalalalalalahfsdfjiophsdopfihjsd

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