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  • 1997

  • Sleep is Wrong

  • Bring Back The Apocalypse

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Performance art, art rock, experimental rock, heavy metal -- all are styles of music that have been used to explain one of the more hard to explain bands in all
of rock, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. Some critics have compared the band -- which hails from Oakland, CA -- to one of the quirkiest bands of all time Sleepytime Gorilla Museum

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    From: Pi-Qui   date: 2011-10-19
  lets make it real-time..seconds ago #ows #october15 #s21 #U hear?U wanna change?! This is the live #capitalism creates. Pi-Qui

    From: Pi-Qui   date: 2009-05-13
  When I heard this band, I had to laugh..crazy but great music. I imagined my friends would hear this, and even had to laugh harder..they would be shocked

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