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Black Diamond Bay Black Diamond Bay In August 2007 I put out a seven song EP (Take It Or Leave) with Sunny Lane Records under the name Krief. To play these songs live I called upon my cousin Andre Bendahan (Bass), George
Donoso III (Drums) and Roberto Piccioni (Keys). The shape the songs were taking live was so much bigger than that of the recordings that we couldn’t justify not having a name for that sound. So Black Diamond Bay was born. After over a hundred shows together we started to put together what is now our debut album “Calm Awaits”. The album was tracked at home and in various studios and found its way into the hands of the one and only David Schiffman for a world class mix. Calm Awaits is all that we wanted it to be and more, we feel blessed by it and all that surrounded it. It’s warm, vulnerable
and honest, and something we’ll hold close to our hearts forever. We hope to see you somewhere along the way as we plan on touring this album heavily. Calm Awaits is now available in Stores across Canada Black Diamond Bay

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