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Cineversity.TV and La Main des Maîtres. The Hand of the Master by Clement & Delatre Looky & Adrian "Cayuse" Toupet. Short 2D/3D animation study, conducted at Ecole Georges Méliès / EESA. WE wanted to do a film about war and revolution, because it is a period, despite the horrors that it represents, that interested me a lot, it is a rich subject in terms of graphics and history. Another explanation could be a comparison between the hands of the machine, doing whatever the “central mind” wants, and the workers suffering for the desire of the main government. This type of scenario, is closer to Metropolis, and could be referred to this time. Our rich countries buy and use products without knowing anymore where they are from, how they were made. Exploited people who have already forgotten their existence, this is an important reflexion we used in our short film.

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