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  • As times change

  • The Smell of Rain

  • Hidden garden

  • Lifes Blessing

  • White Rose Blossoming

Kathryn Toyama Kathryn Toyama Long after leaving the pressures of piano competition, and more than 25 years of personal transitions and many life lessons, Kathryn finally returned to the piano for expressing her heartfelt truths through her music with the belief
that musical vibrations which are emotionally positive can reach the heart and improve how we feel and relate to each other. Based on the results of scientific auditory research which reveal how emotional resonance can be felt through music, she hopes that her music can
evoke a sense of comfort, personal healing and spiritual connection. Kathryn is also involved with a non-profit organization called Healing With Harmony, whose philosophy echoes her own, comforting the mind, body and spirit through music.. Kathryn Toyama

Ctv Comment

    From: Jan Heidekamp   date: 2011-04-23
  Beautiful piano music with feelings

    From: Roos Rozendal   date: 2009-05-14
  I often listen to this lovely music. Indeed, spiritual connection. Thanks

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