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  • At the Edge of Everything

  • Treecycle

  • Fadding Angels

  • StrefaPrzygraniczna

  • WheramI

  • CzasamiOddycham

Human Error Human Error is a solo ambient music project. There's nothing much to write about i didn't start doing music in some kind of exciting circumstances. I just woke up oneday and I start doing it and im doing
it till now. Ambient music is my whole life and when i can't find myself a place in this twisted world i just put my headphones and start playin...that's all i guess. Im curently trying to take a part in all the interesting projects i can find on the internet so that's why im writing to you now :) Im sending 3 pieces from Eden Park
album. Those tracks are part of a soundbook for book written by my friend. More about me and my projects i'm involved in u can find on my personal website Pozdrawiam HumanError muzyka dla duszy Human Error

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