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  • Kalte Schatten

  • Intro

  • Zwiegespraech

  • Liquid Love

  • Why

  • Untertan

  • Our Stream

  • Tanzer der Nacht

  • Geist

  • Schwarzer Engel

  • Die Nacht

Rancor Project One evening in December 2006, with the lyrics for the song "Geist", Rancor Project was born. “Rancor”, because life is not always sunshine, it can be like a thunderstorm that does not want to stop – EVERYONE knows
it. Rancor Project
began as a “one-man project”, and then Katja joined a few months later. The lyrics tell about life, and everyone in some kind of way, can identify with them...or... not… listen Rancor Project

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