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  • Vacuumcleaner killer

  • The Fight song

  • The coffee boy song

  • Room

Nive Cineversity.TV and Nive. My name is Nive. I 'm an Inuk, a real eskimo from Greenland. Seriously. I play music, mostly on my little red ukelele and with some help from my friends. I like that. You can
hear some of my songs on this page. I just finished recording my first album, yay oh yay!! The record is called "Nive Sings!" I love singing, see. And playing. Oh and cowboy boots. And walking in the snow. I 'm scared of ghosts. And bugs. And ghost bugs as well. So I sing about them. About coffee also, and boys. And naughty reindeer. Amongst others. I'm living pretty much all over the place these days. Back home up North, and traveling all around to
play. It's awesome. And a little scary, too. Cause of the bugs, see. The ghosts have been alright, so far. Yup. Anywayssss... Hope you like my little songs! Lemme know? Love you guys! Nive

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