Artist TV Sem Assink (netherlands)

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  • Hold The Line

Hold the Line is an animation about four soldiers marching through the remains of a ruined world. Discipline keeps them together. When they are ambushed by an invisible foe, the men come up with the ultimate tactic to take him out Sem Assink, who wrote, directed and designed the film. Niels de Groen, who assisted Sem during the nine month-project. Together they modeled, rigged and animated the characters; and afterwards they composited the characters in the 2D backgrounds. The production was made possible with the help of people outside the film academy: Juus Piek, a talented voice-actor (and sound-technician), lent his voice to all four actors. Bart Redingius coached the students during the production. Jeroen Hooghoudt and Marijn Eken assisted with the visual effects. Mieke Woestenburg inspired Sem on creating the story

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