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The United People worldwide, #UP, will no longer be exploited and parasitized on by bankers, corporations, Wall Street, hedge funds and other money-grabbers. This time the people will be all Robin Hoods, hacking bank accounts of the rich and wealthy and redistributing the money to the poor and needy. What businesses miss is a heart, the United People will correct that. We will no longer be docile, obedient, enslaved. The United People are going for real change, cyber war is on. No longer billionaires like Bill Gates with 50 Billion $ on his private account while millions die of hunger. "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable." - JFK.

Ctv Comment

    From: Harry   date: 2012-11-05
  Vth of November

    From: Irfan Saeed ( Communist)   date: 2011-12-10
  It is wonderful, all praised for you, I am part of your movement in Pakistan. I am ready for any sacrifice, I have the best office here on the Mall Lahore. I am all for you, against bankers, capitalis

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