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  • Jeroen

  • Roos Galjaard

  • Jakob V

  • CT Heida

  • Tiedo

The songclub is an initiative of Hadders Bert van Ouwerkerk Music, Café Marleen and Radio North. Every first Sunday in the same month (ie February, April, etc.) require 11 Groninger liedjesschrijvers a specially written song for that evening at gehore them. The number may never before in public at gehore brought. If a member does not show twice, he / she looks and is in the (long) queue a new member. Radio North, each month a number and send it in the program "The Muziekfabriek." In recent years, more and more talented musicians in the covercircuit right. Partly from financial considerations but also because of the fact that there is less and less demand for bands with its own repertoire. In order to counter this trend is to give the Songclub. Many writers have a deadline necessary to bring results. Ouwerkerk Music and cafe Marleen hope in this way to encourage the twelve musicians to (again) with regularity to produce beautiful songs. Joining songwriters are: Roos Galjaard Herman Grimme Henk Gubbels Hette Gubbels Jose Cutileiro Bert Hadders CT Heida Jeroen de Jong Lex Koopman Harry Niehof Jacob Veenstra

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