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  • Sunrise to Twilight

  • Conscious

  • Subconscious

  • Return to Power

Socci and Penry CineversityTV and Socci and Penry. Put it simply, it’s two guys from Cleveland, Ohio, who write acoustic guitar songs. Put more eloquently, it’s the combined musical energy of Sean Sency and Mike Pocci, who create diverse, thoughtful, unique,
instrumental, acoustic guitar music. Since one of them is Italian (Pocci) and the other is Irish (Sency), it’s naturally a solid duo. If you’re particularly astute, you will notice that the names “Socci” and “Pency” are slightly modified versions of the artists’ last names with the first initials switched around. This was the only solution to the argument of whose name should
appear first. All you need to do is relax and give it a listen. The songs are open for your own interpretation, and feedback is always welcome. Don't forget to check out our debut album. Socci and Penry

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