Artist RADIO Billy Connally (usa)

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  • Sonata in Sadness Minor

  • Blue Vodoo

  • Harbinger

  • The Silent Canvas

  • Stalker

  • Perigian Tide

  • Bending Kharma

Billy Connally Cineversity.TV and Billy Connally Hello and welcome to my music page! I've been playing Guitar for over 27 years now, been in countless bands and played tons of gigs. Some good, some bad, and a few that really would
have made mama proud! I've decided to do an instrumental guitar rock album and share it with as many people as possible. All these songs on this page are pre-production for the final album I should
be releasing in the summer of 09'. I record all tracks on my home computer and did the mixdowns and ghetto mastering job myself. Thank you and i hope you enjoy the music ;) Cheers! Billy Connally

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