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  • Ministry of Swing

  • Rembetelli

  • I Neno

  • Angels

  • Fight on the Streets

  • Imnul kisch mayn Tokhes

  • Klezmernaki

  • Maneak

Max Pashm Max Pashm worldmusic on Max Pashm vocals, percussion, keyboards & beats George Kypreos Greek bouzouki & baglamas Merlin Shepherd klezmer clarinet Polina Shepherd
classical Russian & Yiddish singer and pianist Eugenia Georgieva Bulgarian vocalist Rik Harrington Guitars. Max Pashm is a collective of U.K based Jewish, Greek & Balkan musicians. The Max Pashm sound is a unique blend of traditional music, fused with high energy electronic beats and digitally manipulated fx. Max Pashm performs worldwide and are known
for their exciting, uplifting and innovative live shows. This year they will play Campingflight to Lowlands 2008. Have taste of this great worldmusic. This year also on Campingflight to Lowlands 2008 Max Pashm

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