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My name is Marco Spitoni, I live and work in the north of Italy. I have been using 3DStudio MAX since its first release (after 3Dstudio R4). I worked in special effects for commercials at the end of the 80's, when physical models were used instead of CG. In 1993 I was hired in a local videogames developer company now known as Milestone who worked with Virgin IE and EA Sports, for which I still work as senior artist. My passion for 3D graphics began in 1995 with 3DStudio R4 when I wanted to re-create starship models from Star Wars movies, without using glue and plastic. Then I decided to enclose all those models in one (all CG) short movie 'Join the Empire'. Later, I've dedicated much of my spare time to develop a new idea for a short movie project:'THE HUNT'. Despite the fact that working on long animations instead of still 3D images is much more time consuming before you have the final result, I do privilege this kind of expression. I've always loved cinema and its language, and this is a chance for me to tell a visually intriguing story, just using my imagination and creative skills... just a 3D package and a PC.

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