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  • Tattered Romance

  • Siren

  • A trick of the Light

  • Disillusion

  • Times Like These

Redemption Miah - vocals, guitar Ashe - guitar, backup vocals Jesse - bass, guitarRedemption Bio Redemption redeems the Goth Rock tradition started by the Sisters of Mercy and Mission UK. The deep vocals, hard guitars, and swirling synths over an electronic
beat have already infected dance floors and radio world-wide. Their emotionally powerful ballads can bring the listeners to tears. Formed in 1996 and surviving many lineup changes, Redemption is driven by the vision of front man and guitarist Miah. Joined by Ashe on guitar and Jesse on bass, the trio is poised to lead the Goth Rock revival. Redemption has
played with such bands as: Apocalypse Theatre, Voltaire, David J, Bella Morte, Claire Voyant, Human Drama, The Azoic, The Cruxshadows, The Deep Eynde, Mors Syphilitica, Machinegun Symphony, Carphax Files, Tragic Black and many more. Redemption

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