Artist RADIO Pete Philly en Perquisite (netherlands)

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  • Mystery Repeats

  • Paranoid

  • Third Degree

  • Empire

  • Respect C-Mon and Kypski Remix

  • Time Flies

Pete Philly en Perquisite In 1996 Perquisite began with creating hiphopbeats, at that time he was only fourteen years old. His classical training helped him also adding classical elements to his creations. He founded his own label Unexpected Records in 2001. Pete
Philly has been around for a number of years and got known through the groups Nicotine and Gotcha! In the autumn of 2002 Pete Philly and Perquisite met each other and
soon decided to work together. In 2003, their collaboration started with the EP Mindstate, for which they received much appreciation. In 2006 the duo received a Silver Harp, a music prize in The Netherlands. Pete Philly en Perquisite

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