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  • Elle songe

  • i Teceo

  • Pour qui pour quoi

i Teceo I Teceo’s magic potion… It’s a mix of… Some electric guitar solos with a melodious sound and a wonderful touch, taking you away until a fabulous note which will last endlessly… At last, it’s time! Back to “the seventies tribute”. Some incredible lyrics
of truth, punchy and captivating; the reflection of today’s world with an amazing woman voice which takes your breath away: singing in tune, a vocal energy, softness and emotions for a seduction performance. And much more: two artists on stage with a fascinating looking and an unique style: each of them has a strong and powerful
charisma. If you are looking for deep sensations, an obvious imagination and to be seized by a bit of shivering: let you go away and close your eyes… Quintessence is a real piece of jewellery. i Teceo

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