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Cogent Project Adam is a Vancouver based Media composer with a passionate interest in creating music for all kinds of media. His main focus is on Film composition, but is open to working with just about anything that can be
enhanced by music. Although he maintains a very diverse interest in numerous styles of music, he works to specialize in the forms which have come most naturally to him. Starting off with guitar and classical composition, he then grew an interest in many forms of electronic music, as well as being heavily influenced by ethnic music from areas of the Middle and Far East, Africa, and Eastern Europe. With an open minded approach to composing Adam has created a unique sound that is both diverse and instantly recognizable. Adam has worked with numerous independent directors and producers
and always proves to be very accommodating and enjoyable to be around. His knowledge of the music business, as well as business in general has proven to be a very valuable asset in his career. Cogent Project

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