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  • The_Potter

Synopsis: The Potter is an ancient creature who gives life to clay. In his care is an apprentice who wants to learn the secret. This is his story. Intro: This is Josh Burton's final senior thesis project for Savannah College of Art and Design. However, it's become more than that as the team has come together. It's much more what one guy could do alone. It went into production in June 2004. This project was meant to be an an exercise in my story telling abilities- to see if I can. I guess we'll find out together;). Completion Date: May 2005 Team: Josh Burton - Director, Animator, Concepts, Modeling, Rigging, Texturing, Lighting Ben WIllis - Animator David Bokser - Animator, Rigging Jon Campbell - Houdini Master, Particles, Technical Director Scott Englert - Modeling, Animator, Texturing, Technical Director Scott Spencer - Zbrush, Texturing William Atkin - Compositing Hunter Curra - Sound Design Matthew Parrot - Houdini Shaders John Austin - Sound Research

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