Artist TV Natt Butsenzeller (Belgium)

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Bootsie Butsenzeller doing every fucking thing: beats, partying, drumming, cleaning, programming, synths, licking, bass, singing, the dishes, raising the kids, noseflute, loving, recording, changing dirty diapers, kazoo, laundry, whistling, putting out the trash, mixing, cooking, eating, writing, pissing, shitting, potty training, mastering, sniffing, vomitting, editing and turning the tables, And some input from fine musical or lyrical people, like: Sophie, Melvin, Tania, Kris, Absent, Lars, Undrazz, Wingra, Martine, Unrestful, Callie, Dieter, Andrew, Bassiman and Simon. directed/shot/edited by Regina Kelaita Tijmen Hauer

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