We started with a few friends giving courses in animation and flash, to earn the money to found CTV. And after three years we had all the basic stuff together. Cams, software, knowledge and passion. In 2005 we bought three simple hand cams and started filming, and now, five years later, all the hard work has resulted inwhat Cineversity.TV is now . At the moment we work with professional Panasonic DVX 100A cams, purchased from Llink a while ago, And our creative cup is still boiling with ideas.
We wanted to clearly indicate with the content on the website, that we wanted to walk a different road than other media sites do. We work very different, we want people to explore again, make a search an adventure again. Using a routeplanner takes a lot of adventure out of the trip, you have less contact with other people, because you do not have to ask anymore. Soon, getting lost will be impossible in our modern world. Some 1,000 artists, musicians, fashionistas, photographers ... are supporting this initiative and idea, we hope you like to join.

invisible Mission:

We want to create a new sensation in music, film and art to show people that there are enough beautiful things in life to enjoy. We also want to inform people worldwide on science, climate change and social events. During the last years we have supported Greenpeace and Doctors Without Borders, it is our belief that aid starts with yourself. invisible

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