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  • Imidiwan Ahi Sigdim

  • Max Pashm I Neno

  • Faun Andro

  • Irfan plays Hagia Sofia

  • Internationaal Folkcomplot

  • Irfan Revelation

  • Faun Hungarian Greek remix

  • Ballroomquartet Live Folkwoods 2008

  • Faun

  • Baka Beyond

  • Max Pashm

  • Irfan

  • Ballroom Quartet

in August 2000 the 1st Folkwoods Festival was born. While other folk festivals tend to dilute, by presenting a wider program with a lot of pop acts and world music, Folkwoods mostly aims at European traditional music.As a matter of course there is room for Irish, Scotish and Breton folk music, which form the basis for what usually is called 'folk'. The Folkwoods Festival takes place in a wonderful setting, in the middle of the woods, and is surrounded by provisions of an unusual high standing. 4.000 people at the most are allowed at the festival and campgrounds.

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