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  • Japane extended

  • Brazilian Love

  • Paradise

  • Green forest

  • Walk in the Sand

  • Do you still love me

  • Night Flight

  • Savitendra

  • Another Moon Tonight

  • Moonlight Colors

  • Moon Dance

  • New Moon

  • Abori Land

  • Across the Sun

  • Purple Butterfly

  • Dubai Airport

Starting from scratch, Mike Wornaths interest in music was sparked when he got his first guitar at the age of twelve. Shortly after that, he spent lots of time in a rehearsal room teaching himself additional musical instruments like drums and experimenting with self-made instruments such as an electrical harp. His desire to make his own songs grew. With the help of a computer, Mike Wornath started to compose electronic music. Five years ago, he began to produce his first songs in his small studio near Frankfurt/Germany, focusing on chillout
and ambient music. His music was published on the internet under his pseudonym Counting Clouds and shared with people worldwide, inspiring other artists to collaborate with him. Encouraged by a lot of positive feedback and appalled by pictures of starving children he saw on the internet and on television, Counting Clouds decided to start a charity project and to dedicate his music to people in need. In Nov. 2007, United Artists for Charity UAFC. Our goal is to create music in order to help the less privileged

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    From: Pi-Qui   date: 2010-03-27
  Glad you like it too!

    From: Daniel Mayer   date: 2009-11-30
  awesome music !!

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