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Chelsea has been writing and performing her own music since she was 13 years old. After a couple of years in two different working bands, Chelsea took the stage on her own by the age of 17, performing at clubs and coffee shops. While some of her early songs are still hits with her fans, she has continued to develop as a writer penning nearly 100 original songs to date. Chelsea’s songs have honest lyrics that just “make sense” and strong hooks that stick in your head but don’t hit you over the head. As new demo tracks are released, these often become top rated downloads on, where she currently
has a loyal fan base of over 31,000 and growing. And, oh, that voice….! It’s unforgettable, unmistakably Chelsea and has been described as soulful and natural, and yet strong and in control. Chelsea’s guitar and vocal chops are seemingly always in the pocket and in shape. Live takes will do just fine, no vocal tuning needed! Chelsea currently makes her living by playing on the street for tips and selling a home-made demo, having sold thousands of CDs in recent months, one-by-one, simply on her own on the street. Her magnetic presence draws them in and her songs set the hook. This you gotta see!

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