Artist RADIO Blind Divine (usa)

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  • Air

  • Got ot be Free

  • Sanctified

  • Twist the Knife

  • Something Magical

  • Letting Go

Cineversity.TV and Blind Divine. The music of Blind Divine is best described as “art music.” These artists have embraced a creative style that is as unconventional as it is carefully crafted, allowing subtle nuances to collide with deliberate profoundness. Their “musical paintings” may be a thirty second interlude designed to lure the listener into
an otherworldly dreamscape, where floating rhythms, ethereal vocals, haunting piano, or effected guitars become a palette of many hues. While others embrace a mix of moody beats and emotional vocals, Blind Divine embrace awareness of emotion, love, hate, fear, pain, life, death, elation, or faith, and invites the imagination to ruminate.

Ctv Comment

    From: Roos   date: 2009-10-11
  This is great!!!!!!!!!! Chickenskin.

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