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  • What If

  • Good to Go

  • Dont Mind My Mind

Johnny Goes J band: Jakob Herrmann Johan Sandqvist Mikael Magnusson Ola Pettersson Bio: After a year of playing and suffering in the name of music, Johan and Jakob decided bfore the summer of 2003 to move to Gothenburg and finally forming a band, giving it all they had to give. Ola wasn't the one to say no, and so in june that year Johnny Goes J was formed as the three of them played together for the first time. Looking forward to playing at Kärleksfestivalen (The Love Festival) in august, the band took a weeks hard rehearsing a week in advance. Jake and Ola had only rehearsed once together before and none of them knew all the 20 songs that they were going to play, so it was one hard rehearsing week. But playing 6-8 hours per day makes results. The gig exceeded the expectations, making all three of the members very pleased. Ola decided to give the band his best, although it meant he would have to travel from the school to Gothenburg every other weekend and no doubting the band, to make it work. But as he worked everything out fine, no one could blame his devotion. In the dawn of 2004, mosly everything felt good. The band's recording got good response from those who had listened to it, and they had new songs soon to be recorded. But things doesn't always go the way you want them to. The night before the third of februari someone busted the door to the band's rehearsing studio, stealing Johan's two guitars, Ola's two basses, Kaines guitar and amp, and almost all of Jake's studio equipment. So there could be no recording done, and even less playing. At the same time Kaine
told the rest of the guys that he was taking a job in Stockholm. Because this couldn't be combined with staying in the band, Kaine had to quit, although it wasn't an easy decision for him to make. A new start After weeks of inactivity - no guitar player and no instruments - the band started to get up on their feet again. They got a new guitar and bass, and studio equipment was bought. In march Mike suggested himself as the bands new guitar player. He learned ten song in no tíme and tested playing with the other three. The result was clearly satisfying and Mike became a full-worthy member of the band. At the same time Mike joined, Ola dropped of school and moved to Gothenburg to be able to give all his 100% to Johnny Goes J... During the entire spring and summer of 2004 the band has been struggling with their self-produced album Flying Away From Madness which was released on the 10th of september 2004. The band were very pleased with the result and the listerners seem satisfied aswell. The band kickstarted 2005 with new forces and with hope for a year filled with gigs and success. Many new songs were created during the spring and the band moved in to their own studio. During the later part of 2005 the energy was focused on live gigs and to reach a bigger crowd. The spring 2006 didn't consist in any liveperformances at all when all energy was put in the recording of a new CD. The process became demanding, fun, tiring and hopeful. This time the result was an EP that was released on the 26th of May 2006.

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