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  • Sylvia

  • Werner got home

  • Keep your time alive

  • The Bend or Break

  • nothing

  • Where my dream can take me

Tiedo was born in Adelaide, the capital of South Australia. After spending a decade abroad, his Dutch parents decided to bring the family back to their home country when Tiedo was just a baby and settled in the Frisian town of Sneek. His Australian-raised older siblings hardly spoke Dutch and English remained a prominent language within the family; it rubbed of on young Tiedo, who picked it up
along the way. He began to write songs when he was thirteen years old. Within two years he fronted his first band (The Attitudes, later Geraldton Wax). A string of bands would follow. For a brief period Tiedo attended a college of music in Leeuwarden, but to him it was an utterly conservative and uninspiring environment. Instead, he chose to hone his craft in the real world.

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