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Itís new, itís all fun, itís exciting; stolen dialogues from the minds of your favorite young dynamic heroes: THE STUURBAARD BAKKEBAARD FILES! A new experience in adult fantasy - donít miss it!í, inspired on travels with a bus in different settings with different musicians. BEUKORKEST is something between rock, avantgarde, rap, americana, trash and pop;bandmembers as of april 2007: Rik van Iersel (Senga Etna), Onno Kortland (Stuurbaard
Bakkebaard), Timo van Veen (Stuurbaard Bakkebaard), Marc Koppen (Stuurbaard Bakkebaard), Johnny Dowd, Def P (Osdorp Posse), Andrť Manuel, Bart Maris (dEUS, Zita Swoon), Dead Elvis, Siem Nozza (Phantom Engineer), Joshua van Iersel (Phantom Engineer), Woody Veneman (Woody & Paul), Paul van Hulten (Woody & Paul), Richard Nobels (Senga Etna), Arjan van Veelen (Amin, Senga Etna), Theo van Rock (Sound Engineer), Theo Andriessen (Producent Muzieklab).

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