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Jiser and Xahno began their careers as Dj's in 2000 playing together in several parties, A few months later they began to experiment with the production of audio, which results in a few tracks. A few years earlier Jiser (25 Years) began to shape his musical ideas as a percusionist of eastern rhythms, tribal as well as ethnic, next to Mario Rodriguez and Marie Mcmillan (elysium) with whom he began to learned the essence of music as a lifestyle. Xahno on the other hand is a 22 year-old Audio Engineer who thinks in music, musical language and harmony, in order to give more quality to the productions having a professional and unique sound on the basis of melodies and masterisation also Xahno produce music for publicitary spots.In 2004 they decide begining to produce on a more serious level and to experiment with different styles such as psytrance, house and progressive. In the summer they decide to call the project "Jey & eX". At the end of 2004 the track "Jey & eX - se viene la contra" enters the label Solarsiv Record of Italy and makes it to the "Travelling in Psyberspace" compilation, which is compiled by Shankara
Project. The style of Jey & eX is defined as progressive but it counts with psychedelic, house and electro influences combined with strong basslines obtaining a very good balance between force and refinement. Their debut was on february 12th 2005. On that day they shared stage with Xibalba (Yellow Sunshine Explosion/SOE). They have been catalogued as fine music. Since that day they have played on several parties in Mexico and Guatemala, with a good reaction of the crowd every time. They have played in: Bfore Club Villahermosa Tabasco, Kukulkan Ekinox Tampico Tamaulipas. Psydream 2 Leon Guanajuato sharing stage with D-Nox (Plastik Park/Sprout Germany), Vortex Club Mexico city sharing stage with Trancemission (Iboga Mexico), Kore (Plastic Park M..x), Club Drush Cuernavaca Morelos, Cocoa Bar with Vibrasphere (Digital Structures), Derush Club with Dj Pena (Flow Records), Xalapa Veracruz Nebular Hypott Label Party and in Guatemala (Race Night Fest) being the main artists in that event Himmlisch Fest With Brisker & Magitman, Emok, Behind Blue Eyes, Freaculizer. and many more... Some tracks by Jey & eX, and tracks in which they have collaborated with other artists of the mexican scene are about to be released on compilations soon.

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