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OM/OFF is a fusion music band which combines pop, jazz, classical hindi music and Galician folk, included into neo-etno-hindi- electronic grooves. Formed by: Vikas Tripathi (Varanasi, India 1979) famous hindi musician and excellent performer of tabla, he owns a traditional hindi music school in Varanasi and he played with kailas nath mishra, ashok pandey , Toki Masa, Manuel D’Oliveira, Ganga Noa, Cuchús Pimentel among others, making gigs in Japan, Mexico, portugal etc; and Paco Serén (Vigo, Spain 1969) member of the famous rock band “Piratas” making gigs in Europe and America, member of the band “Ectoplasma”, music writer and interpreter, he composed various
soundtracks, he plays keyboards, guitar and sitar; audiovisual producer and director. After a year of working together, David Rial (Cangas, Spain 1973) , member of the band “Ectoplasma”, he played with Chouteira and Siniestro Total among others, he plays keyboards, synthesizer and trumpet and he joined the band six months ago. And Pablo Alvarez(Vigo, Spain 1968) member of the famous rock band “Piratas” making gigs in Europe and America, painter and inventor ,he plays santoor, classical guitar, and celtic harp. Last colaboration Iria Armesto (violin) Saúl Puga(bass and contrabass) and Anxo Lorenzo (Flute and bagpipe). Viki (Varanasi, India 1979) singer

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