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  • Hypercommunication

  • Pretty Tall Girls

  • The Paperbride

  • LA Murder Motel

  • She is On The Radio

  • Involutive Star

  • Antibodies

  • Budapest

If it's French alt-disco music, you can be pretty sure it'll be a hit in Glasgow. So goes the weird transcontinental crisscrossing of modern Euro dance music. But we can see why the hip, young Scots would go wild for the Hoax. These five Frenchmen join mad disco beatmaking with nasal lyricism redolent of the Japanese avant-garde. Here they come. They are 5 young French guys ready to save the French rock scene and much more. This is their first single and we can tell you it's only a starter. For your information, "Budapest" has already been compiled by
Ivan Smagghe for his new Fabriccompilation, DJ Naughty for his upcoming mixed CD on Eskimo and praised by the very few DJs that got the song on CDr : Ewan Pearson, Optimo (it?s a hit in Glasgow they say), Headman, Morpheus, Gilb?r, The Glimmers etc. "Budapest" Ewan Pearson described this as "a fantastic bit of horror-disco, with anxious female vocal and creaking cellos". That?s not a bad description, it's Giorgio Moroder meets Bernhard Herrmann, a crazy disco beat haunted by layers of strings and the perfect violin hook. This sounds like nothing else and is just so good.

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