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Deleyaman is a band comprised of Aret Madilian, Beatrice Valantin, Gerard Madilian and Mia Bjorlingsson. Formed in Normandy, France in 2000, the band bears an originality in that all four members are of different cultures and backgrounds (american, french, swedish, armenian). During the fall of 2000, the initial band of 3 members started their first recording sessions in a house located in a rural village in Normandy, France where Aret had moved from Los Angeles and transformed the living room into a recording studio. Upon hearing their demo, Nech Records, an independent label based in Paris, France signed Deleyaman to its small eclectic roster in the spring of 2001.
Few months after the release of their debut album "00/1" (september 2001), Mia Björlingsson, a swedish expatriate and a drummer living in the same Normand village, joined the band to complete the international line up. The following album entitled "Second" further defined the band's unique sound and was released in september 2003. The latest Deleyaman album to date is "3" and was released in Europe and the U.K. in september 2006. Considering its eclectic style, Deleyaman is impossible to pigeon hole, difficult to describe and probably in a genre of its own. Though some sources label their music as spiritual, darkwave, dark world or ethereal.

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