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  • The Silence RMX

  • Naked ft Meighan Nolan

  • Timeless with Kim Jin

  • Pressure

  • Qiu Original Mix

  • Xia

  • Fei Xue

  • Osaka Icesphere Mix

  • Pressure Original Mix

Yuan Bing aka "Yuan" was introduced to EDM by an unlikely source. DDR (Dance Dance Revoloution) is a game with almost cult like status in Asia thaT was the spark. Yuan who was fascinated by sounds began producing with Fruity Loops in Highschool. Later he entered college in an unrelated field but was compelled towards continuing his love of making EDM music. He began to explore
the records of the time and found his own sound. After graduation he quit all else and made EDM production his full-time goal. Efforts finally paid off and his tune "XIA" (in Chinese means summer) was picked up. Yuan is perhaps one of the first of his kind in China and hopes to put China on the playlists of the world.

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