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  • Do it scared


  • More or less

  • Happy on purpose

  • Rewind Erase


  • Shake It Off

  • Red

  • Petrolhead

  • The Surface

  • The Wrong Way

  • Big Thunder no Rain

When the members of Canadian rock band WHY came together to create what would be known as the “RED” album, a two year project in the making, little did they realize the distance this record would travel . WHY continues to raise awareness for both themselves as well as Make Poverty History. Brad Pitt, another voice for the poorest people of the world, used “RED” on his MYSPACE page for a little over 2 months. WHY first
took shape in the late 90’s in Winnipeg Manitoba, when Brian Cook (vocalist) gathered to himself talented musicians and together ventured out to see their musical ideas take form. WHY felt the need to use their music to raise awareness to the staggering fact that a child dies due to extreme poverty every 3 seconds. WHY is donating 40% of the profits to WATERCAN's work in eastern Africa to build water wells.

Ctv Comment

    From: Geert   date: 2009-05-14
  Some bands exceed their model. You two squared!

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