Artist RADIO The Unknown (UK)

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  • The save me

  • The Misskiss

  • Cure All

  • The Smoking

  • Nocturnal

  • The Salacious

  • The Slide Bastard

  • The Nope

  • The Inside

  • The Somehow

  • Raw

Cineversity.TV and The Unknown.I have been listening for hours to this band, and really love it. Great triphop, mesmerizing atmospheres and very addictive if you love this kind of music. The husk voice of the female singer...yummy. It was a very hectic day for me,
when I first encountered this band. Getting claustrofobic in a supermarket, going home while some friends were programming for the site, picking up my guitar, great music coming. Feeling exhausted afterwards and late in the evening The Unknown came into my life...anything better?

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