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  • Golden Soldiers

  • New Dark Age

  • Total Recall

  • Wildest Dreams

  • We could go far

Cineversity.Tv and The Sound. We met by coincidence, Adrian Borland of The Sound and me. met him in a pub while Adrian was playing chess in de Spieghel in Groningen. The whole story is too long. The next night we were playing music in my home on two acoustic guitars. In the middle of the
winter after a nice romantic meal, we just played. years later, after meeting Yvonne Swarts, I went to London to learn animation at Escape Studios. I stayed in Wimbledon with Bob, Adrian's father. We had a really nice time, listening music, playing chess, nice talks. A remarkable kind man. For my friends...

Ctv Comment

    From: yvonne swarts   date: 2013-12-15
  hey pw nice one , thumbs up !!! Lovex

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