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  • Tears of Blood

  • Lord of the Ages

  • Two old friends

Cineversity.TV and Magna Carta. Magna Carta is one of the longest running acoustic acts in the world, founded by North Yorkshireman Chris Simpson in 1969. They have toured 64 countries, recorded 30 albums and sold 8,000,000 albums world-wide. It was the magnificent classic ‘Lord of the Ages’, up there with ‘Dark side of the Moon’ and ‘Sergeant Pepper’ and the evergreen single ‘Airport Song’ that made them famous. From London’s Royal Albert Hall with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
to the Montreux Festival and Lisbon Opera House and the Canterbury Festival in Ontario,Canada, to the ancient souk in Damascus, Syria, their timeless music has woven its magic across every kind of audience and nationality. I wrote Chris, that we would love to let "Lord of the Ages" and other great songs of Magna Carta be heard by a new generation of music lovers, and the answer from Chris was; Do it!! With my blessing Love, Chris.

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