Artist RADIO Novembro (Portugal)

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  • Jornada dos Passos Cegos

  • Plenitude enganadora

  • Solidao a dois

  • Gastei Contigo as palavras

One afternoon I stumbled on this band on myspace. I was tired and was using a brainmachine to relax a little bit. I thought lets listen some bands again on myspace who want to be friends with us. I listened for half an here it is. Novembro..consists of the following musicians. João Portela - Guitarra eléctrica Hugo Leitão - Sintetizadores Miguel Filipe -
Voz e Guitarra Portuguesa eléctrica Diogo - Baixo Rui Alves - Bateria They mention as there influences Joy division, Red house painters, Nick Drake, Arovane, Sétima legião, Fernando Maurício, Rodrigo Leão, Front line assembly, Download, Jesper Kyd, José Afonso, Harold Budd, Brian Eno, Killing joke, cocteau twins, Palace music, radiohead, beach boys, pink floyd, legendary pink dots. Enjoy as I did.

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