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Yilila comes from one of Australia’s most remote Aboriginal communities in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia. Yilila performs high energy roots and world music with colorful traditional Red Flag dancing. Red Flag Songs and Dances belong to the band’s Nundhirribala clan and have come from hundreds of years of contact with the Maccassan traders from Indonesia. Yilila’s songs are rooted in traditional Aboriginal, reggae and rock music and from there they look to the rest of the world for inspiration and sounds.Yilila’s lead vocalist Grant Nundhirribala is a master of traditiional music and a highly respected song man and dancer in Arnhem Land. Yiliila mix traditional songs
and dance into their live performance, giving an unprecented show of traditional Aboriginal music and dance seemlessly melded with contemporary grooves.Yilila are currently working on a collaborative music and dance project with the remote village of Watublapi on the island of Flores in Indonesia. Many of the mothers and fathers of the band members grew up and lived as Aboriginal people from their region had grown up from the beginning, in the bush with no contact with the outside world. Keeping their communities traditional culture alive is essential for the cultural health of their communty. We felt a strange resemblance with Nusrat Ali Fateh Khan

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