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I don’t have much to say about myself as an artist other than I have been doing this for many years, but an art critic (Sara Kiefer) said this about a particular image I recently created: “I love the majestic building as it seems almost underwater, especially at the top... a sort of nod to catastrophic-flood-meets-myth-of-atlantis in my eyes. the blue tones are in wonderful contrast with the sharper red and white shape which recalls a lighthouse form and further enhances the sense of place as well as displaces or decontextualizes the period of architecture of the building. lots of fascinating contrasts in a melange of tones and shapes that echo each other often and effectively enough to produce a striking, atmosphere-rich result. it smells salty, the textures strengthen the feel of weather-worn waterfronts and piers. there's a certain smell that goes beyond salty... something like diesel and teak wood mixed with a slightly foggy sea breeze morning that will yield a sunny sky just before the daily storm. very, very evocative and effective!! short story long... i love it!!”. This is the emotion that every artist hopes to inspire and to which I also aim. My current pieces are theatrical in nature and are meant to suggest via photographic manipulation, the ethereal works of Maxfield Parrish and the industrial feel of the post impressionist Georges Seurat (e.g. Bathers -1883)……but with a modern twist. To love art is to love life……
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