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From creating weird doll stories as a child and imagining a new, dark Planet only dedicated to my teenage dreams, to my current attempt to find my psychic, physical and visual identity as a grown-up, the necessity to express myself has always been visceral. My first foray into web design started in 2000 with the launch of La Lune; the site has grown and evolved into a large French community dedicated to alternative art and lifestyles. Self-taught from scratch, I work with my favourite instruments - my Wacom Graphire 3, watercolour pencils and China black ink - in order to combine a unique and gorgeous atmosphere with accessibility standards. Since then I have designed many personal and commissioned websites for artists all around the globe which has led to me juggling two passions : on one hand, the freelance web design and illustration work and on the other, getting my political studies diploma specialized in cultural anthropology and gender studies. Although web design allows me to interact with the world in order to convey different messages, my digital and traditional pictures represent the most personal side of my artistic work. Imagination is the only place where I feel completely and absolutely who I am : no need to explain every sigh, symbol or secret; no urge to find the key of mystical and highly conceptual images whose sense I only understand afterwards. Demanding, unsatisfied, deliberately evasive, I like inverting smiles and making laughter turn to contemplation. Most of my inspiration comes from the subterranean roots of angst and climax due to an in-depth sensation of social discomfort. My Sources are music, art, ethics and introspection. There and back again through the mirror, I draw and paint nonconformist, determined characters - simultaneously female and male, wise and lunatic, romantic and rational, good but dangerous. Aenemya is not only my portfolio; she's the blue satellite around which I gravitate most of the time. She gathers the people I have known, the feelings I haven't forgotten, as well as the worlds I have been through. Welcome to my personal sphere of Light...

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