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Oerol is the name of an ancient Terschelling tradition, when in spring milder weather conditions allowed cattle to be released from their winter stables and barns to roam the meadows surrounding the villages, grazing in freedom. A merry sight announcing the longed for summer season after the dark winter. In Terschelling dialect the word “oerol” stands for “everywhere” and this centuries old atmosphere of dynamic merriment all over the island is perfectly given shape by the Terschelling Oerol Festival. Every year for a period of 10 days everywhere on the island the Oerol Festival activities reflect the joy and happiness of this “everywhere” feeling. Over 50,000 people visit the island festival and some 70,000 tickets are sold for the various performances organized during the Festival. The underlying philosophy of the Oerol Festival is that the whole island of Terschelling in those 10 days serves as a stage and source of inspiration for national and international theatre producers, musicians and graphic artists. Beaches, woods, dunes and older landscape eminently function as both stage scene and setting. But shows can also take place in a farm-shed, a boathouse or an old bunker.

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