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Extravert and understated, merry and melancholy, fragile and devastating. Macronizm has it all. A paradox in itself. What originality and arbeidersmentaliteit be cherished, Moreover, the Brabantse conviviality at top. A crossover of styles, where everything is possible and can, according to the credo of musical Macronizm. Hiphop, rock, jazz and funk are the basic ingredients for the soup which preferably red hot is served and eaten. The Eindhoven zevenmansformatie explores musical boundaries and brings this convincing on stage with an energetic liveshow. Since 2000 builds rapper Macro to a solid resume live-and he yielded numerous demos, an EP and an official debut album (Alternaief). Opgevoed with beats, he was assisted by several rappers and DJs. Searching for a way to tracks of songs, he gathered a band that today under the name Macronizm the Dutch stages storms.

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